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8C8 Cloud

A Business Consultancy helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) create business value through digitalization, one journey at a time as their Chief Digital Officer.

Why 8C8 Cloud?

We are problem solvers at heart. With a combined experience of 15 years in Business and Technology across Large, Midsize and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), we found that there is a significant discrepancy of the rate of successful digital adoption. 

We attribute this to two major reasons:

  1. Disconnect between business strategy and digital initiatives

  2. Limited resources that SMEs have at their disposal compared to their larger counterparts

At 8C8 Cloud, we believe in the democratization of technology. Therefore, we are obsessed in helping SMEs create business value through digitalization, one journey at a time.

Powered by Huawei Cloud

8C8 Cloud is proud to partner with Huawei Cloud as an accredited Cloud Solution Provider. As we envision to help SMEs connect their business strategy and digital initiatives, we aim to defray costs of digital technology adoption through cost-optimized solutions. We do that by working closely with an ecosystem of solution providers to power SMEs' digitalization journey.


Whether you consume Information Technology (IT) as an end-user by buying off-the-shelf (OTF) solutions, or building your own solutions in-house, we strive to provide the following services.


Chief Digital Officer-as-a-Service encompasses your end-to-end digitalization journey, starting with your digital ambition through execution

Data Cloud
Cloud Services

Cloud services to help you select the right cloud services and design a solution for seamless migration to the cloud

Huawei Cloud Success Stories
Our Engagement Process
Objective Outcome Oriented
Business Strategy and Roadmaps
Analyze - Optimize - Digitalize - Transform

Our Team

G. and K. met in 2018 to kickstart their careers in a technology company that founded Silicon Valley. G. was hustling through the local market and eventually running the regional channels business. K. was building and managing regional programs and moved on to a decision support organization to kickstart his sales career. Fast forward to 2023, G. decided to pursue his MBA while K. decided to take a career break. It was during this time that they saw an opportunity to bring the knowledge and experience they had to SMEs in their digitalization journeys.


Keen to learn more about us (or just curious how we really look like)? Connect with us on LinkedIn by clicking on our inexpensive NFTees :)

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