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Cloud Immigrant

For SMEs who have workloads still running on-premises, 8C8 Cloud provides Cloud Assessments to help you better plan for your cloud migration

If you have already migrated some workloads to the cloud, 8C8 Cloud's TCO Analysis and Compliance and Security Readiness Assessment may be useful for you to assess your cost and security concerns. And when you are ready, our cloud migration service can help you ensure a smooth transition

Cloud Nomad

Cloud Native

For SMEs already having cloud native applications, you can either test out Huawei Cloud with a 1-month Free POC or onboard our Managed Cloud Service with EZBiz. And engage our Cloud Maturity Assessment to further optimize your cloud services

Our Services

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Not sure where to start? Contact us for a Cloud Assessment to determine what's the next best step for your Cloud Journey

Data Cloud
SME Migration & Digital Solutions

Our migration services are built with SMEs in mind with competitive pricing and comprehensive services

UAV Control Center
EZBiz Managed Services

Our EZBiz managed services will take away the day to day hassle of IT Operations (IT Ops) and management while you focus on building your business

Free 1-Month POC powered by
Huawei Cloud*

*Terms and conditions apply

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