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Navigating the Future: Empowering Singapore SMEs through the Chief Digital Officer-as-a-Service Pilot

Priority Release

The Chief Digital Officer-as-a-Service (CDOaaS) Pilot is set to change the way SMEs approach digitalization. We're inviting experts and leaders in the business world to embark on a transformative journey. Their mission? To conduct a digital health check for SMEs, thereby contributing to an objective report on the state of digitalization within these companies.

Pressures of being Data Driven

Released : 9-2-2023

To thrive in the post-pandemic era, SMEs must think and behave like major corporations. Relationships with customers are no longer the only factor in determining business success. Instead, in order to compete effectively, SMEs must adopt data analytics.

But what are the pitfalls they must be aware of?

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Optimisation first then transform

Released : 9-17-2023

Firms who concentrated on process optimization before beginning a system transformation typically saw a system transformation project's Return on Investment (ROI) increase by more than two times compared to other firms.

But is it so simple to optimise ?

Game Changer or FOMO

Released : 10-17-2023

Decision-makers in SMEs base their desire to adopt the newest and latest technologies on their ease of use, low prices, and hearsay in an effort to compete with industry giants for survival. The fear of missing out (FOMO), which makes decision-makers fear losing their relevance, sets in rapidly.

So how do we avoid this costly mistake?

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